E3: Back to the female viagra uk Front

E3: Back to the Front

Xbox at E32016With eight shows under my belt I’m no stranger to the Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3, the world’s largest industry event for video games. Held in June across three days and cipro zithromax no prescription attended by over 50,000 people at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, E3 is the place to announce new consoles and showcase the games we’ll be playing this side of Christmas.

After attending the show as a journalist for several years in the naughties, this time round I got to experience it from the other side of the canadian levitra fence. I was part of the Xbox NZ PR team, there to help Kiwi media and influencers find the Xbox games they were looking for and land them some face-to-face time with the world’s biggest developers.

What’s changed most after my decade of absence is the rise of Twitch and YouTube streamers. While everyone will be familiar with YouTube, Twitch made its name as a dedicated platform for video game-related content, including esports tournaments, personal streams of individual players, and gaming-related talk shows. Today’s top streamers can command an audience bigger than many media outlets, with the best ones making a full-time living from fans paying a regular subscription fee to a host’s channel.

Lorripops at E3 2016A local introduction to the world of Twitch streamers can be found in this Hawke’s Bay Today interview with NZ streamer Lorien Gugich, (or Lorripops to her army of no prescription levitra 75,000 Twitch followers). At E3 as a guest of Xbox NZ, Lorripops was given the honour of hosting the official Twitch E3 stream, where she interviewed developers and discussed the latest announcements with some of the industry’s biggest names. When you find the right stream, it’s like turning on your favourite TV show.

Twitch recently announced a Social Eating spin-off that lets hosts share a meal with their community (very big in Korea apparently). Throw VR into the mix and this medium is going places others might find hard to reach.