Pursuit launches video games consultancy InGame

At Pursuit we’ve always sought to embrace technology (appropriately and free samples vardenafil effectively) in client campaigns where it makes sense.  So, we’re pleased to announce we have created a sister agency called InGame which specialises in video games for marketing, training and social change.

Gaming is  increasingly mainstream, with over 60% of online New Zealanders having played a game of some form each month.  InGame helps clients better engage with these audiences, by combining gaming principles with branding and training strategies.

Pursuit director Stephen Knightly has a long game development history in addition to marketing and PR.  Stephen coordinates the Auckland Game Developers Meetup, is a board member of Creative Digital Content Auckland and has led successful marketing campaigns for many gaming studios.  As a result, InGame has a network of New Zealand’s leading game developers and artists as well as marketers and trainers – afterall, the key thing a game has to be is fun.

Compared to interactive and buy uk drugs viagra digital agencies, InGame’s point of difference is its deep understanding of gaming: its psychology, range of possibilities and the high expectations that audiences have.

For more information check out the InGame website.

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